Infinix Mobile Prices in Pakistan 40,000 to 50,000:

The Infinix Smart 7 gets RS. 2,000 OFF with the Latest Price Discount in Pakistan

The Infinix Smart 7: A Smart Choice for Budget Shoppers in Pakistan

The Infinix Smart 7 offers a tempting proposition for budget-conscious shoppers in Pakistan. With the latest price discount of Rs.2000, this smartphone delivers affordability without compromising on essential features, making it an even more attractive choice.

Price Drop and Features

Great news for budget-minded smartphone shoppers in Pakistan: Infinix has reduced the Smart 7’s price from Rs 27,999 to just Rs 25,999 offering a generous Rs 2,000 discount. Let’s explore what this device has to offer.

Impressive Display and Camera

The Infinix Smart 7 features a wide 6.6-inch HD+ display, high-res 5MP selfie camera with sun-readable mode, and a dual-camera setup with a 13MP main lens enhanced by AI. Its wave-patterned back adds elegance.

Hygiene and Performance

The textured back plates of the new Infinix Smart model serves dual functions, combining aesthetics with an impressive 99 percent antibacterial protective film. Despite not breaking performance records, it delivers satisfactory results, aligning with hygiene-conscious needs.

Powerful Hardware and Endurance

The Smart 7, powered by Unisoc SC9863A, features 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. Notably, it offers virtual memory support, adding 3GB to RAM, and boasts a 6000mAh battery with 10W charging for extended use.

Essential Features at a Discounted Price

Despite using older Android 12, the Infinix Smart 7 retains essential features: dual SIM, microSD slot, USB-Type C, dual 4G VoLTE, and Bluetooth 4.2. Its discounted price offers a compelling feature set, ideal for budget-conscious buyers in Pakistan.

Infinix Smart 7 Specification

These are the key features of the Infinix Smart 7 smartphone.

PriceReduced from Rs 28,000 to Rs 26,000, offering a Rs 2,000 discount  
Display6.6-inch HD+ screen with sun-readable mode
CameraDual-camera-13MP main lens featuring AI, 5MP selfie camera
DesignWave-patterned back panel    
Hygiene Textured backplate with 99 percent antibacterial film  
PerformanceUnisoc SC9863A chip
Storage4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage
Battery6000mAh battery with 10W charging
ConnectivityDual SIM support  – USB Type C – Bluetooth 4.2
Operating System       Android 12
ColorsPolar Black, Coastal Green, Iceland White, Peacock Blue  


In summary, the Infinix Smart 7 is a budget-friendly smartphone option for Pakistan’s price-conscious consumers.

It combines a reduced price, essential features, and some thoughtful extras like antibacterial protection and virtual memory support. While it may not deliver top-tier performance and runs on Android 12, it offers a reliable and affordable mobile experience.

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