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Your Guide to Infinix Mobile Prices in Pakistan: Balancing Quality and Affordability

Understanding Infinix’s 2023 mobile prices in Pakistan is like following the weather in a constantly changing climate. With a range of models to choose from, it’s important to get a handle on their pricing structure to make a wise decision.

Exploring Infinix Mobile Prices in Pakistan

Infinix mobile prices vary to match different budgets from affordable models to premium ones with extra features. This guide explores their prices, features, and where to buy them across Pakistan in 2023.

Infinix an Affordable Tech for Everyone

Infinix, the budget-friendly tech wizard from Hong Kong, has Pakistan’s phone market in its pocket. This article unveils Infinix mobile prices in Pakistan 2023. With a track record of delivering reliability, Infinix rules the hearts of Pakistani consumers.

Infinix Mobile Price Range in Pakistan 2023

Infinix’s commitment to affordability, with budget-friendly options and regular updates, means there’s something for everyone’s wallet. Keep an eye on these prices to ensure you get the best bang for your buck without breaking the bank.”

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Infinix mobile prices for all ranges in Pakistan.

Infinix Mobile Price Range 10,000 to 15,000

Infinix Mobile Price in Pakistan 10,000 to 15,000

Let’s start with the budget-conscious consumers. Infinix low price mobile in Pakistan starts from 10,000 to 15,000 PKR and offers a wide range of choices.

Here, you’ll find devices that provide a balance between affordability and enhanced features, catering to users who want basic smartphone functions like calls and messages, as well as more power without a significant price jump.

Mobile ModelOSBattery TimeDisplay SizeRAMStorageCameraPrice
Inifnix SmartAndroid v7.0 Naugat3060mAh5.0”1GB16GB2MP8MP10,999 PKR
Inifnix Smart HDAndroid 10.0 (Go edition)5000mAh6.1”2GB32GB5MP8MP13,999 PKR
Infinix Smart 2Android V8.1 Oreo3060mAh5.5”3GB32GBNo13MP11,999 PKR
Infinix Smart 2 HDAndroid V8.1 Oreo3500mAh6.0”1GB16GB8MP8MP10,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 3Android V5.1 Lollypop3000mAh5.5”1GB16GB2MP8MP10,500 PKR
Infinix Hot SAndroid V6.0  (Marshmellow)3000mAh5.5”2GB, 3GB16GB8MP13MP14,900 PKR
Infinix Hot Note ProAndroid V5.1 (Lollypop)4000mAh5.5”2GB16GB2MP8MP14,300 PKR

Infinix Mobile Price Range 15,000 to 20,000

Infinix Mobile Price in Pakistan 15000 to 20000

Stepping into the 15,000 to 20,000 PKR range opens up a world of possibilities with Infinix. Here, you’ll find smartphones that deliver improved performance, sharper cameras, and larger displays.

Whether you’re a casual user or a gaming enthusiast, these phones offer an enticing offer, delivering more value for your money right at your fingertips.

Mobile ModelOSBattery TimeDisplay SizeRAMStorageCameraPrice
Inifnix Smart 5 ProAndroid 10 (Go Edition)6000mAh6.52”2GB32GB8MP13MP15,999 PKR
Inifinix Hot 10 PlayAndroid 10.0 OS6000mAh6.8”2GB32GB8MP13MP15,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 10 Play 3GBAndroid 10 (Go Edition)6000mAh6.82”3GB32GB8MP13MP17,399 PKR
Infinix Smart 5Android 10 (Go Edition)5000mAh6.6”2GB32GB8MP13MP15,999 PKR
Infinix Smart 5 3GBAndroid 10 (Go Edition)5000mAh6.6”3GB64GB8MP13MP18,499 PKR
Infinix Hot 9Android 10 OS5000mAh6.6”3GB32GB8MP16MP17,499 PKR
Infinix Hot 9 4GBAndroid 10 OS5000mAh6.6”4GB64GB8MP16MP19,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 9 PlayAndroid 10 OS6000mAh6.82”2GB32GB8MP13MP15,999 PKR
Inifinix Note 3 ProAndroid OS v6.0 (Marshmellow)4500mAh6.0”3GB16GB5MP13MP19,499 PKR

Infinix Mobile Price Range 20,000 to 25,000

infinix smart 5

As we move into the 20,000 to 25,000 PKR range, you’ll find Infinix devices with even more advanced features. Expect better camera setups, faster processors, and larger battery capacities.

These Infinix phones are perfect for users who want an all-encompassing smartphone experience that doesn’t strain your budget.

Mobile ModelOSBattery TimeDisplay SizeRAMStorageCameraPrice
Inifnix Hot 10Android 10.0 OS5100mAh6.6”4GB64GB8MP16MP20,999 PKR
Inifnix Hot 10iAndroid 11.0 OS5200mAh6.8”2GB32GB8MP16MP20,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 10 Play 4GBAndroid 10.0 (Go edition)6000mAh6.82”4GB64GB8MP13MP20,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 10 128GBAndroid 10.0 OS5200mAh6.78”4GB128GB8MP16MP22,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 10 6GBAndroid 10.0 OS5200mAh6.78”6GB128GB8MP16MP24,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 11Android 11.0 OS5200mAh6.8”4GB64GB8MP48MP Triple23,999 PKR

Infinix Mobile Price Range 25,000 to 30,000

Infinix Mobile Prices in Pakistan 20,000 to 30,000:

Moving up the ladder, Infinix unveils smartphones in the 25,000 to 30,000 PKR range, such as Hot 10, Note 10 etc. In this range, Infinix strikes the perfect chord between affordability and mid-range features.

These devices deliver robust performance, boast impressive cameras, and offer ample storage options, catering to users who expect more from smartphones in this price bracket.

Mobile ModelOSBattery TimeDisplay SizeRAMStorageCameraPrice
Inifnix Hot 10Android 11.0 OS6000mAh6.82”4/6GB64GB8MP50MP Triple25,999 PKR
Inifnix Hot 10iAndroid 12.0 OS6000mAh6.6”4GB64GB5MP13MP27,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 10 Play 4GBAndroid 11.0 OS5000mAh6.7”4GB64GB1650MP Triple28,999 PKR
Infinix Note 10Android 11.0 OS5000mAh6.95”4GB64GB16MP48MP Quad27,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 10SAndroid 11.0 OS6000mAh6.82”4GB64GB8MP48MP Quad25,499 PKR
Infinix Note 8Android 10.0 OS52mAh6.95”6GB128GB16MP64MP Quad29,999 PKR

Infinix Mobile Price Range 30,000 to 40,000

In this range, Infinix smartphones take it to the next level. These phones offer higher-resolution displays, improved camera setups, expanded RAM, and faster processors. They’re a perfect fit for avid gamers, photography enthusiasts, and multitaskers.

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Additionally, they may sport more premium designs and build materials, truly hitting the high note.

Mobile ModelOSBattery TimeDisplay SizeRAMStorageCameraPrice
Inifnix Hot 30 PlayAndroid 13.0 OS6000mAh6.82”4GB64GB/128GB8MP16MP31,999 PKR
Inifnix Smart 6 HDAndroid 11.0 (Go Edition)5000mAh6.6”2GB32GB5MP8MP31,999 PKR
Infinix Smart 6 3GBAndroid 11.0 (Go edition)5000mAh6.6”3GB64GB5MP8MP30,999 PKR
Inifnix Note 11 6GBAndroid 11.0 OS5000mAh6.7”6GB128GB16MP50MP Triple32,999 PKR
Inifnix Smart 6Android 11.0 (Go edition)5000mAh6.6”2GB32GB5MP8MP30,999 PKR
Inifnix Zero X NeoAndroid 11.0 OS4500mAh6.9”6GB128GB16MP64MP Triple34,999 PKR
Inifnix Zero 8iAndroid 10.0 OS4500mAh6.9”8GB128GB16MP48MP Quad34,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 20iAndroid 12 (Go Edition)5000mAh6.6”4GB128GB8MP13MP37,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 12 PlayAndroid 11.0 OS6000mAh6.82”4GB64GB8MP13MP35,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 11 PlayAndroid 11.0 OS6000mAh6.82”4GB64GB8MP13MP39,999 PKR
Infinix Note 11 ProAndroid 11.0 OS5000mAh6.95”8GB128GB16MP64MP Triple35,999 PKR
Infinix Note 10 Pro 256GBAndroid 11.0 OS5000mAh6.95″8GB256GB16MP64MP Quad38,999 PKR
Infinix Note 10 ProAndroid 11.0 OS5200mAh6.95”8GB256GB16MP64MP Quad37,999 PKR

Infinix Mobile Price Range 40,000 to 50,000

Infinix Mobile Prices in Pakistan 40,000 to 50,000:

The 40,000 to 50,000 PKR range is where Infinix truly shines. These smartphones are often equipped with cutting-edge technology, making them ideal for users who demand the best. Whether it’s gaming, photography, or heavy multitasking, these phones deliver exceptional performance.

Mobile ModelOSBattery TimeDisplay SizeRAMStorageCameraPrice
Inifnix Hot 12iAndroid 12.0 OS5000mAh6.51”3GB32GB5MP13MP41,999 PKR
Inifnix Hot 12Android 12.0 OS5200mAh6.6”4GB64GB8MP13MP44,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 11 Play 128GBAndroid 11.0 OS6000mAh6.82”4GB128GB8MP13MP44,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 12 Play 128GBAndroid 11.0 OS6000mAh6.82”4GB128GB8MP13MP44,999 PKR
Infinix Hot 30Android 12.0 OS5000mAh6.78”8GB256GB8MP50MP Quad44,999 PKR
Infinix Note 12 256GBAndroid 12.0 OS5000mAh6.7”8GB256GB16MP50MP Quad46,999 PKR
Infinix Zero 5GAndroid 11.0 OS4500mAh6.7”8GB128GB16MP48MP Triple49,999 PKR
Infinix Zero X ProAndroid 11.0 OS5000mAh6.85”8GB128GB32MP108 Triple49,999 PKR

Infinix Mobile Price Range 50,000 to 70,000

Infinix Mobile Prices in Pakistan 50,000 to 70,000

For those seeking a premium Infinix experience without breaking the bank, delve into the 50,000 to 70,000 PKR range. These smartphones boast top-tier features, providing a flagship-level experience at a more budget-friendly price.

Additionally, for those with a bit more to spend, Infinix offers options around 70,000 PKR, delivering an unparalleled smartphone experience with exceptional specifications and features that compete with high-end devices from other brands.

Mobile ModelOSBattery TimeDisplay SizeRAMStorageCameraPrice
Inifnix Note 12 6GBAndroid 12.0 OS5000mAh6.7”6GB128GB16MP50MP Triple50,999 PKR
Inifnix Note 30Android 13.0 OS5000mAh6.7”8GB256GB16MP64MP Triple53,999 PKR
Infinix Note 12Android 12.0 OS5000mAh6.7”8GB256GB16MP50MP Triple54,999 PKR
Infinix Note 30 ProAndroid 13.0 OS5000mAh6.78”8GB256GB16MP108MP Triple60,999 PKR
Infinix Note 12 VIPAndroid 12.0 OS4500mAh6.7”8GB256GB16MP108MP Triple64,999 PKR
Infinix Zero 20Android 12.0 OS4700mAh6.7”8GB256GB32MP108MP Triple79,999 PKR

Different Series of Infinix Mobile

In 2023, Infinix will continue to offer a diverse range of smartphones, catering to various needs. Here’s a glimpse of some notable models to help you choose your Infinix Mobile.

Infinix Hot Series

A steal for budget-conscious users, these smartphones hit the bullseye between performance and affordability. With sleek designs, vibrant displays, and capable cameras, they offer a solid smartphone experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

Infinix Note Series

The Infinix Note series, known for its big screens and productivity prowess, is tailor-made for those who require expansive displays for tasks like note-taking, video streaming and multitasking.

With reliable performance, extended battery life, and a user-friendly approach, the Infinix Note series offers a versatile and budget-friendly smartphone solution.

Infinix Zero Series

These trendy fashionable devices stand out from the crowd, with their slim designs and modern looks that really turn heads. But it’s not just about looks, the Infinix Zero series packs a punch with high-resolution cameras, powerful processors, and vibrant displays.

It’s all about offering a premium experience at an affordable cost, making it a top choice for users who demand both style and features in their smartphones without going overboard.

Infinix Smart Series

Infinix’s Smart series focuses on essential features at a wallet-friendly price. These phones offer dependable performance for everyday tasks, catering to those who watch their budget.

With modest yet practical specifications, the Infinix Smart series delivers a straightforward smartphone experience, ensuring affordability without compromising core functionality.

With modest yet practical specifications, the Infinix Smart series delivers a straightforward smartphone experience, ensuring affordability without compromising core functionality.

Key Features of Infinix Mobiles

Infinix offers feature-rich smartphones at an affordable price and distinguishes itself by providing impressive features without inflating the cost.

Impressive RAM for Smooth Performance

Infinix mobiles, armed with ample RAM, run apps and multitask smoothly, leaving no room for the lag behind.

Generous Storage Options for Your Needs

Infinix mobiles, with varying storage capacities like 32GB, 64GB, and more, allow you to select a model that matches your storage needs.

Powerful Cameras for Capturing Moments

Infinix mobiles, with their cutting-edge camera systems, enable you to capture life’s precious moments in style.

Extended Battery Life for Convenience

The battery life of Infinix mobiles is crucial for users. Equipped with efficient batteries, they offer extended usage, minimizing the need for frequent charging.

Stylish Designs for Modern Appeal

The sleek and stylish designs of Infinix mobiles ensure you carry a device that looks great and feels comfortable in your hand.

Fast Processors for Seamless Experience

Infinix mobiles employ swift processors that enable smooth app navigation, effortless multitasking, and lag-free gaming.

Vibrant Displays for Visual Excellence

Featuring vibrant screens, Infinix mobiles offer clear visuals, making videos, photos, and browsing an immersive experience for users.

Infinix Mobile Gaming Experience

Infinix mobiles offer gamers an outstanding experience with powerful processors and optimized graphics for smooth and immersive gameplay.

User-Friendly Software for Easy Use

The custom Android-based user interface of Infinix mobiles ensures that using your device, accessing apps, and customizing settings is hassle-free.

Dual SIM Support for Flexibility

Many Infinix models allow you to use two SIM cards simultaneously, providing flexibility for personal and work needs.

Regular Updates for Enhanced Performance

Infinix frequently provides updates to improve overall performance, security, and user experience.

Infinix Mobile Price in Major Cities

Due to the diverse smartphone market, Infinix mobile price in Pakistan may differ slightly by city. Let’s examine price variations in major cities.

Infinix Mobile Prices in Karachi 

Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, offers a bustling smartphone market with Infinix mobiles at competitive prices. Multiple markets like Saddar, Clifton, and Gulshan-e-Iqbal feature various Infinix smartphones at different budgets and preferences.

Infinix Mobile Prices in Lahore:

You can find Infinix smartphones in Lahore at competitive prices in places like Anarkali, Hafeez Center, and Liberty Market, with authorized dealers offering special deals and discounts for budget-conscious and tech-savvy shoppers.

Infinix Mobile Prices in Rawalpindi:

Rawalpindi’s mobile market near Islamabad offers a unique shopping experience. In Saddar’s electronics market, you’ll find Infinix mobiles with competitive prices and various choices catering to different budgets.

Infinix Mobile Price in Faisalabad

In Faisalabad, known as the “Manchester of Pakistan” for its industries, Infinix mobiles are available at affordable prices for all consumers.

Infinix Mobile Price in Gujranwala

With its expanding population, Gujranwala has emerged as a notable smartphone market where Infinix offers residents a wide range of choices.


Infinix’s ability to combine technology, design, and affordability, showcases its deep understanding of the evolving consumer preferences in Pakistan.

With an array of smartphones catering to various budgets and needs, Infinix continues to empower Pakistani consumers, ensuring they can access the latest technological advancements without stretching their wallets.

Ultimately, it’s not just about the price; it’s about the value and innovation that Infinix brings to the table.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Certainly, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Infinix mobile prices in Pakistan:

1. What is the price range of Infinix mobile phones in Pakistan?

Infinix mobile prices in Pakistan typically range from as low as 10,000 PKR to 70,000 PKR, depending on the model and its specifications.

2. Where can I find the new price of Infinix mobile phone in Pakistan?

You can find the latest Infinix mobile prices in Pakistan on various online retailers’ websites, Infinix’s official website, or by visiting local mobile phone shops.

3. Do Infinix mobile prices vary across different cities in Pakistan?

Yes, Infinix mobile prices may vary slightly from one city to another due to factors like taxes and import duties. It’s advisable to check prices in your specific location for the most accurate information.

4. How often do Infinix mobile prices change in Pakistan?

Infinix mobile prices can change frequently, mainly due to currency fluctuations and new model releases. It’s a good idea to regularly check for updates if you’re planning to purchase an Infinix phone.

5. Are there any discounts or promotions available on Infinix mobiles in Pakistan?

Infinix occasionally offers discounts and promotions on their mobile phones. Keep an eye on their official website and authorized retailers for any ongoing deals or special offers.

6. Can I buy Infinix mobile phones at installment plans in Pakistan?

Yes, many mobile retailers and service providers in Pakistan offer installment plans for Infinix mobile phones. You may need to check with your chosen retailer for their specific installment options.

7. Do Infinix mobile prices include warranties in Pakistan?

Yes, Infinix mobiles typically come with a warranty in Pakistan, which covers manufacturing defects. The warranty duration may vary depending on the model, so it’s essential to inquire about the warranty terms when purchasing.

8. Are there authorized service centers for Infinix phones in Pakistan?

Yes, Infinix has authorized service centers in major cities across Pakistan. You can locate the nearest service center on their official website or by contacting their customer support.

9. How can I compare the prices of Infinix mobiles from different sellers in Pakistan?

You can compare Infinix mobile prices from various sellers by visiting price comparison websites, using mobile shopping apps, or visiting multiple retail stores to get the best deal.

10. What factors should I consider when choosing an Infinix mobile model based on its price?

When choosing an Infinix mobile, consider factors such as your budget, desired features, camera quality, performance, and battery life to ensure you select the best model that suits your needs and budget.

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