Infinix Mobile Price in Pakistan 15000 to 20000

Infinix Mobile Price in Pakistan 15000 to 20000

Infinix Mobile Price in Pakistan 15000 to 20000 are not just affordable; they are packed with features that fulfill your everyday needs. From attractive displays for enjoyable viewing to efficient processors for smooth performance, these smartphones cater to all your digital needs.

Following are best Choices for 15000 to 20000. just tap on your favorite one and get all the details.

hot 10 play
hot 9
hot 9 play
hot 8
hot 6 pro
smart 5

Infinix mobile price in Pakistan 15000 to 20000

Are you curious about Infinix mobile prices in Pakistan, between 15000 to 20000?

If yes, then this article perfectly meets your needs because it provides you with complete details about all models of Infinix that lie in this category.

In the fast-changing world of smartphones, Infinix creates stylish and technophile devices. Their goal? To offer amazing smartphone experiences without breaking the bank. Infinix carefully designs its products, emphasizing innovation and exceptional looks.

List of Infinix Mobile Price in Pakistan 15000 to 20000

In today’s world, as technology improves, people want smartphones that fit their budget while still having great features. We’ve gathered a list of Infinix Mobile Price in Pakistan 15000 to 20000 with impressive features, categorized by build quality, memory, camera performance, and processing speed.

Infinix Hot 10 Play

Infinix Hot 10 Play, a budget-friendly smartphone, has a large 6.82-inch display, making it ideal for entertainment. It offers impressive performance and a long-lasting 6000mAh battery for extended use. 

Operating systemAndroid 10
Display6.82 inches
Camera13MP Dual
Storage3GB RAM 32 GB ROM
Battery6000 mAh

Infinix Hot 9

hot 9

Infinix Hot 9, an affordable smartphone, has a 6.6-inch display, a capable MediaTek processor, and a generous battery capacity. It offers attractive features for users seeking affordability and performance.

Operating systemAndroid 10
Display6.6 inches
camera16 MP Quad
Storage3GB RAM, 32 GB ROM

Infinix Hot 9 play

hot 9 play

Infinix Hot 9 Play, the Latest Android, is known for its affordability and decent features. With a large display, quad cameras, and a long-lasting battery, it offers great value for its price. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking an entry-level smartphone.

Operating systemAndroid 9.0 Pie
Display6.82 inch
Camera13MP Dual
Storage3GB RAM, 32 GB ROM
Battery6000 mAh

Infinix Hot 8

hot 8

Infinix Hot 8, a High-Performance smartphone, has a large 6.5-inch display and a 5000 mAh battery for extended usage. It is a capable and affordable choice for everyday tasks. Infinix Hot 8 offers great value for budget-conscious consumers with its sleek design and affordable price point.

Operating systemAndroid 9.0 Pie11
Display6.5 inch
Camera8MP dual
Storage2/4 GB, 32/64 GB

Infinix Hot 6 Pro

hot 6 pro

The Infinix Hot 6 Pro is a budget-friendly smartphone that offers a large display, reliable performance, and a sleek design. With its quad-core processor, ample RAM, and decent camera capabilities, it’s a solid choice for users seeking affordability and functionality.

Operating systemAndroid 8.0 Oreo
Display6 inch
Camera5 MP
Storage3GB RAM, 32GB ROM
Battery4000 mAh

Infinix Smart 5

infinix smart 5

Affordable Infinix Smart 5 is a smartphone that offers a reliable mobile experience. With its sleek design and capable features, it’s a good choice for those seeking affordability and functionality. The device combines performance, style, and affordability in a compact package

Infinix Smart 5 3GB

The Infinix Smart 5 3GB is a budget-friendly smartphone that delivers a dependable mobile experience. Its sleek design and capable features make it an excellent option for individuals looking for a cost-effective and functional device. This phone blends performance, style, and affordability into a compact and practical package.

Operating systemAndroid 10 (Go edition)
Display6.6 inch
Camera13MP dual
Storage3GB RAM, 64 GB ROM
Battery5000 mAh

Infinix Note 3 Pro

note 3 pro

The Infinix Note 3 Pro is a powerhouse smartphone known for its robust 4500 mAh battery. It features a sharp 6.0-inch IPS display, 3GB RAM, and a 13MP primary camera, making it a reliable choice for users seeking impressive battery life and multimedia capabilities.

Operating systemAndroid 6.0
Display6.0 inch
Camera13 MP
Storage3GB RAM, 16GB ROM
Battery5000 mAh
Price4500 mAh

Infinix mobile price range 15000 to 20000

Infinix, known for its budget-friendly and feature-rich smartphones, offers a  mobile price range of 15,000 to 20,000. In this price range, Infinix’s commitment to providing bang for your buck is evident. They’ve managed to strike a perfect balance between performance, style, and cost-effectiveness.

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15000 to 20000

Infinix, the torchbearer of smartphone innovation, offers an impressive range of mobiles priced between 15,000 to 20,000 Rupees. Within this price range, you get the best of both worlds. Stunning displays ensure Engaging experiences, while powerful processors guarantee multitasking and gaming.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or anyone in between, Infinix smartphones offer great functionality and value. Infinix mobile price in Pakistan 15000 to 20000 provides you a gateway to the world of modern technology without breaking the bank.

Infinix mobile price under 20000

Infinix is well-known for its cost-effective smartphones under 20000. These phones give you great value without sacrificing quality. Infinix’s mobile price under 20000 provides reliable communication tools, excellent entertainment devices, and dependable work companions.

Whether you’re a gamer, a photography enthusiast, or simply looking for a reliable daily driver, there’s an Infinix mobile for you. These budget-friendly devices offer you a feature-packed smartphone.


In summary, Infinix has established itself in the competitive smartphone market by offering a selection of cost-effective devices in Pakistan, ranging from 15,000 to 20,000 Rupees. These smartphones effectively balance affordability with functionality, appealing to a wide audience.

From the impressive 6.82-inch display of the Infinix Hot 10 Play to the enduring battery life of the Infinix Note 3 Pro, there’s a smartphone catering to diverse preferences within this price bracket. Infinix’s commitment to innovation, performance, and style shines through in these models.

With dependable performance, captivating displays, and a dedication to cost-effectiveness, Infinix Mobile Price in Pakistan 15000 to 20000 have become the preferred choice for individuals seeking high-quality smartphones in the budget-friendly segment.

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